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| January 14, 2015
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Tax Season again.  How quickly the year goes by.  I have been receiving emails lately about how poor the service at the IRS will be this tax season.  The IRS has said only 50% of people calling will get a real person.  That goes for our special Tax Professionals Hotline also.  CPA's have a special phone line that we are supposed to be able call and avoid the long wait times.  Not that it ever worked but it looks like things will be worse than ever.  I did have a record hold time this past fall. Just under 3 hours on hold.  I was attempting to get some information on a client who passed away last year.  So for any IRS issue have patience.  If I write a letter on your behalf, we are seeing 6 to 8 months to get things handled.  Somethings seem to take about a year. 

Congress passed the legislation that we were waiting on so that business owners and agriculture producers could write off equipment purchases in excess of $25,000.  THAT Extension has already expired so we do not know what to do for 2015.

The Montana State legislature began its bi-annual session this month.  It looks like it will be Republicans VS Democrats again.  Gov. Bullock has put forth about 350 million in building and infrastructure repairs.  I am sure some are worthwhile while some will be deemed extravagant. 

You should have gotten appointment letters from the office by now.  It the appointment does not fit then we are happy to reschedule.  If you want to just mail your information in or drop it off feel free to do so.  

The office is ready, Annette and Brian are busy getting out W-2's and 1099's.  I am reviewing the investment portfolios for my investment clients.  BUT I have sharpened my pencil, put on my shield of faith and I am ready to do battle with the Powers that be.  SEE YOU SOON. 

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